Happy Aussie Pup Homeschool Program

Start your puppy off right for a lifetime of happiness together

How To Get a Well Behaved Aussie Puppy Without Overwhelming Them!

With the Aussie Puppy Homeschool Course you’ll find out:
How to get a socialized, housebroken and well-mannered puppy even if you haven’t had a puppy in ages or this is your first puppy. 

You’ll learn why obedience training alone is not enough for good manners.

You’ll learn Aussie-centered training games to play.
Introducing… Homeschool for Aussie Puppies!

If you want to:

- Set your puppy up for potty training success
- Ensure your puppy gets proper socialization as a puppy and into adulthood
- Learn how to teach your puppy calm behaviors and impulse control
- Have Fun with your training!
- Learn how to provide fulfillment for a calmer and happier puppy
- Prevent problem behaviors
- Have an amazing relationship with your furry friend
- All with science-based positive training methods…

Then start your training journey with your pup today and get the skills and strategy to transform your dog into your dream companion and into a Happy Aussie.

Without the question that usually sabotages it all: “What do I do next?”


I’ll teach you the right way to train your puppy, so you won’t have to question any of your Aussie parenting choices!

What can you expect to learn in this course?

Our high energy 4.5 month old Australian Shepherd puppy trained with Andrea. Everything that she taught us (and I say us, because I learned as much as the puppy) is something that we now use in our day to day life. The tools Andrea gave us to help him settle down and snap out of "crazy dog" mode have been critical to our sanity and helps him to be a happier pup. He now goes to his bed when asked and will hang out until he can focus again. He actually drops my socks when I ask him to "leave it"  instead of leading me on a chase around the house. Most importantly, he now comes when we call him! THANK YOU for helping our pup be the best that he can be :)

Rachel P. with Camden

Andrea really knows what she's doing, we adopted a young dog from a rescue that had an extreme prey drive. She wanted to eat anything that was smaller than her and now she can touch noses with my cat. She still has a lot to learn but the improvement was incredible. All her methods were with positive reinforcement and I was very impressed and learned as much as my dog did. 10/10 recommend.

Alexis S. with Valkyrie

Andrea is one of my favorite instructors I've ever learned under, either online and in my studies at a local university (where I experienced a far wider range of instructors.) She clearly cares deeply about both training animals and teaching her students and is friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable in all her interactions. My favorite trainer!

Chad R. with Scout

Andrea is fantastic. She's super smart, explains concepts so they are easy to grasp, and she's very encouraging to her students. I would highly recommend her classes.
She is the BEST!!!!! Period!

Ricarda N. with Giant

Andrea Bogle

Andrea is the founder and owner of The Happy Aussie. She started her animal training career in 2002 and has worked with a variety of domestic and exotic species at zoos and aquaria around the world. She is a certified dog trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. Her experience includes training animals for TV and movie productions, research training with wolves and dogs, training dolphins for animal assisted therapy and working with pet parents to help them overcome problem behaviors. 

Andrea is also currently a professor of animal science at the Animal Behavior Institute. She teaches training courses to zookeepers, trainers, behavior consultants and other aspiring animal professionals getting their certifications. She lives with her husband, Aussie pack, and a flock of parrots.