Aussie Academy

Finally, the path to a calmer, more behaved
and happier Aussie.

What if your Aussie listened around distractions?
 What if your Aussie could  just watch the world without commentary?
What if your Aussie was calm & relaxed because they had a job?

It's time to stop wishing your Aussie was better behaved...

We'll help you enjoy your Aussie so much more for years to come.


The Aussie Academy

A training academy specifically for Australian Shepherds to help you transform your Aussie into a well-behaved and happy companion.

Step-by-step training to help you solve training issues & provide your smarty-pants dog with mental stimulation and opportunities to 'work' (no sheep needed!)

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Do you adore your Aussie but would love to get rid of some bad habits?

Behaviors such as:
- Crazy, hectic running and barking when someone is at the door
 - Pulling on the leash
-  Whining because they are bored

Not a fan of these things?

The Academy can help your Aussie:
- Be calmer at the door
 -Walk nicely on leash
 -Have a fulfilling job

and so much more!

Join the dog training membership that keeps you moving forward with training & support!

Happy Aussies love to learn.
The Aussie Academy makes it easy & fun for you both.

What you'll get:

A clear path that will help you provide a fulfilling life for your Aussie, teach them amazing life skills such as going from energy level 100 to 0 in no time flat, and have a better overall relationship through training.

Aussie Academy is a membership designed specifically for Australian Shepherd owners (mixes are welcome too!) that provides you the training and guidance to have the best Aussie possible.

Every month we will dive into a different topic with three big goals in mind:

   1) Training to help your Aussie become a calmer dog with that elusive ‘off-switch’
   2) Providing your Aussie with amazing mental stimulation (aka a variety of jobs!)
   3) Improving your communication and relationship with your Aussie

Because of the training you'll be doing, your Aussie will be more engaged with you, listen better & adore you even more. Plus have new tricks!

Are you ready to enjoy each other more and have less stress…all while embarking on a new training journey together?

Upon joining you get immediate access to our core training program which includes courses on:

- Advanced relaxation techniques to have the calmest Aussie on the block
- Engagement Training to have a better bond and better listening skills
- Distraction Training to increase focus around squirrels and co.
- Self Control Training to get a dog who thinks before acting and makes better choices

In addition to our core content, we will dive into a training or enrichment topic with a mini course, behavior deep dive or training challenge each month. Topics range from relaxation training to manners out and about, scent training, brain games, agility foundations, reliably coming when called and more.

Biweekly lives & group calls (hosted on Facebook & Zoom) where you can get any and all training questions answered about your Aussie.

You’ll also have free access to our monthly Training Chats where we deep dive into training topics and solve problem behaviors such as barking, evaluating your Aussie for therapy or service dog work, tackling anxiety and more.  

And all of this for $34/month.  

Your Aussie will be calm, fulfilled and well behaved, all for a tiny fraction of the cost of in person training programs.

You get:
 - Immediate access to our core training program
 - Ongoing training to provide enrichment and stimulation to your pup
 - Convenience! Train any time at your own pace and from anywhere in the world
 - A trainer who specializes in Aussie available to you to answer all questions

PLUS Training chats
PLUS an amazing and supportive community and FB group where you can ask questions any time (and get qualified answers)  
PLUS live Q & A Sessions
PLUS access to all of our previous challenges

These Courses are waiting for you in the Academy:

Engagement Training to build more value for YOU so your Aussie can pay attention longer and choose you over distractions & temptations. An engaged dog will find listening to you rewarding!

Advanced Relaxation Training to teach your Aussie how to better control their emotions so they don't go wild with over-arousal and have a wonderful off-switch!

Our Welcome Course to help you navigate the academy and train foundation behaviors such as touch and place so you and your Aussie are ready for all the academy training courses!

Distraction Training for even more engagement games and steps on how to build your Aussie's skills for every challenge. How to use life rewards and see the world through your Aussie's eyes!

Self-Control Training to improve your dog's impulse control through games where we tempt them with food, movement and more to help them become champions at being able to resist it all when asked.
Obedience Boost is our new course to give your dog's obedience skills a boost with some simple games to improve coming when called, going to place, stay and leash manners.

Will you be a part of the Academy?

In Aussie Academy you get to:

 - Learn more about Australian Shepherd behavior, how to best train them and how to help them be their best selves.

 - Have clear training strategies laid out for you to not only have a well-trained dog but provide that crucial mental stimulation without guesswork or having to come up with activities yourself every week.

 - Be a part of a community with other dedicated Aussie owners to share the 'Aussie-journey' with

- Train with your Aussie in a way that will bring out their best self!

So what are you waiting for???

What do current members say about the academy?

Andrea and the Aussie Academy has truly changed my dog! I was meeting my dog's physical & mental stimulation needs every day but she still wouldn't settle down or sleep... ever. She was wired, crasy and restless ALL THE TIME. Her leash reactivity was at an all time high as well and it was stressful anytime we left the house (even for potty). I have watched/read so much training material online and made some progress over a long period of time. NOTHING compares to the Aussie specific knowledge and training Andrea provides. I was able to tackle huge obstacles and make a ton of progress quickly by learning why my dog is the way she is, what to STOP doing and what to START. There is so much focus on trick training on the internet but the curriculum that is in the academy has greater goals in mind that benefit you and your dog so much more. Plus, you never have to think about what to work on next when you're in a training rut, and the usual routine is getting old. I only wish I discovered Andrea sooner.

Vicky Vu

Aussie Academy Member - joined March 2021

Luna passed the ultimate leave it test this weekend when she spotted a mouse in our yard. When she bolted towards it I shouted at her to leave it and called her back to me. She passed with flying colours and thank goodness she did as the poor things looked so sickly. We suspect it had been poisoned and I don't even want to think about what would have happened should luna have gotten a hold of it. Real life test of how important both training commands are.

Erica Eghtesad

Aussie Academy Member - joined January 2021

This is an AMAZING training course. Andrea Bogle has such knowledge and insight into this wonderful crazy breed. The course is broken down into workable sections. It is never overwhelming. Best of all, my dog Bailey is becoming confident, well adjusted dog that is always enjoyable to be around.

Kathie O'Donnel

Aussie Academy Member - joined August 2020

Jo has had a great month. All the relaxation training has paid off and she's calm enough to be allowed in all areas of our house now without us having to watch her like a hawk every second. We also had a big win at the beach. Her 30 ft. lead somehow fell off and she went streaking towards 3 other dogs playing by the water. I called her name and she turned on a dime and came racing back to me. I could not beleive that she turned away from playing dogs and recalled off lead from 30 plus feet away!

Diana Morshead

Aussie Academy Member - joined March 2021

The Aussie Academy helps Aussies & their humans and it will help you bring out the very best in your dog.

 -Enjoy your Aussie even more because they'll be calmer
- Live with a dog who choose you & listens better
- Give your Aussie ongoing mental stimulation, and they'll thrive!
You deserve to share your life with fewer frustrations & more fun.

All for just $34/month

Join the Class of Happy Aussies!

Take a look at what is inside the Academy with our behind the scenes tour:


Will I really be able to help my dog with an online dog training program?
Absolutely! There are several reasons why I think online training is one of the best ways to train:
 -It’s 100% on your schedule. Train any time at your own pace.
 -It’s at your location. Train where it suits you!
-Ever had an in person lesson and everything made sense in the moment but afterwards you know you are forgetting details, have questions and things start to get foggy? With online training you can review the lessons any time and as many times as you need. So can your family members.
-It’s much more cost-effective than hiring an in person trainer. You get the same knowledge and skills without the high price tag.

What training methods do you use?

We focus on positive motivational methods including several types of rewards such as treats, play, toys, praise and wigglebutt scratches. We use mild punishers to interrupt behavior and set boundaries. We do not use any corrective collars (choke, prong, shock) or tools that can cause pain.  

I am already working with a local trainer, will this interfere with my training?
Many of our clients work with other trainers for obedience, agility and other dog sports, or for behavioral help. Usually, most training programs complement what we teach. However, if you are enrolled in training that uses e-collars or strong punishers then the mixing of training approaches will be confusing to the dog and we recommend that you choose one or the other to be successful.

Is there a certain contract length?
The membership is month to month so you can cancel at any time. When cancelling you will keep your Academy access until the end of the billing cycle and then lose access to your Academy course library and our Facebook community group.

What if life gets busy and I fall behind?
The academy is self-paced and you can work through the training as quickly or slowly as suits your life & schedule. There is no 'falling behind', you work on what your dog needs and can ask questions about any training issue at any time for feedback.

Still have questions to see if the Aussie Academy is right for you?

Doors closing in:


Andrea Bogle

Andrea is the founder and owner of The Happy Aussie. She started her animal training career in 2002 and has worked with a variety of domestic and exotic species at zoos and aquaria around the world. She is a certified dog trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. Her experience includes training animals for TV and movie productions, research training with wolves and dogs, training dolphins for animal assisted therapy and working with pet parents to help them overcome problem behaviors. 

Andrea is also currently a professor of animal science at the Animal Behavior Institute. She teaches training courses to zookeepers, trainers, behavior consultants and other aspiring animal professionals getting their certifications. She lives with her husband, Aussie pack, and a flock of parrots.